30 August 2011

The Most Beautiful Words I've Heard In A Long Time

Hi all it's that time of year The compressor seems to finally be working properly so I need folks to help with the flooding I will be at the club on Tuesday evening to show those that need to learn or want a refresher on flooding. If you have been trying to contact me through e mail mine is out so call me ..... with the delays with the new compressor I will need some serious help getting the ice ready. Thanks Phil

Our new compressor is in.  It has been tested.

We had to replace headers in the offseason.

It's time for the first layer of ice - the one before we paint and apply decals - to be installed.  That means that curling is coming really soon!  The message above was from our iceman - he is starting the process today!

Of course, this means I am now in a panic.  All those things I needed in the offseason - shoes, possibly a new broom - aren't done yet.  I am not in shape to curl.  I don't yet have an organized team...

And all those summer posts I meant to do?  Didn't happen.

What I do have is a night that I will be curling - Monday - and a night where I will be subbing frequently in late games - Wednesday.  I also have a curling event - a bonspiel, for those who are curlers - that I have been invited to participate in this coming March. 

And I do have a favicon now!  Look up!

So, come along on my journey through another season of curling.  It starts today!

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  1. Yay curling!!!

    I know it's getting close...I was having curling dreams earlier this week. For some reason, I was curling with a pair of rocks cut in half horizontally. I was drawing really nicely with them, but the rocks just didn't have enough weight to make any take outs!

    It's a month for me until curling kicks off: our club has practice ice scheduled for the weekend of October 1st, and I'm planning on being out there for that, tweaking my delivery. I'm going to see if I can try throwing using a broom instead of the crutch I've been using the last couple of years. If not, my next task is to see which of the 2 crutches I have I'll use this year.

    And...I'm planning on curling 4 times a week - lets see how long that lasts for. Tuesday is the Men's rec league: 3 draws of 7 games each, a new team each draw - get to meet a ton of new people, and can try out new things (maybe by the third draw I'll feel comfortable enough to give vicing a shot, moving up from my usual second position.) Wed/Thurs is men's competitive - we're going to start in A division...I doubt that'll be where we stay, but we'll see how things work out with that. Fridays/Sundays is mixed - I expect we'll start in D division. We ended up winning F division last year (including me going 3/3 as a skip!), so going up 2 divisions sounds about right. And new for this year, I'm going to try playing in the Sunday Sinners league: it's a drop in league, where you'll have a new team every week.

    One thing I have to do over the next month is to get *my* blog going...I want to get it up and going for the start of the curling season to document my year. It's not going to be *just* curling (I'll have healthy doses of hockey (Go Oilers!), computers, personal stuff, and tons of pictures of my pug), but curling will be the main reason I want to get it going....finally.

    Good curling this year, Tony, and can't wait 'til March!!!!!