11 March 2012

A Wicked Guilty Pleasures Special Cross-Post!

As many of you know, this is not my only blog.  I have a little blog that is dedicated to musical Wicked Guilty Pleasures that I co-author with my friend, Scott Colvin.  Today, I posted the 2nd tribute to great songs about curling. The first was a spotlight on the song "Tournament of Hearts" by The Weakerthans, the greatest song ever written about curling, to coincide with the end of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Today, to celebrate the end of the Brier, I posted this spotlight on the 2nd greatest song ever written about curling, Johnathan Coulton's "Curl".  You can certainly go read about this on my other blog - and please do - but I wanted to make it easy for you to see this one.  So, to that end, here it is, in its entirety!

So, two weeks ago, we posted the Non-Guilty Pleasure to celebrate the end of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the Canadian women's national curling championships.

Today, the Tim Hortons Brier, the Canadian men's national curling championship, comes to an exciting conclusion.  Glenn Howard, from Ontario, the curler with the most Brier matches of all time (his brother Russ is 2nd), takes on Kevin Koe, the 2010 Brier and world champion, from Alberta.  If you care, I predict a Howard victory, as I have all season.

But we're not a curling blog (I do have one of those), but a music blog.  And so, today, I highlight the 2nd greatest song ever written about curling.  Mr. Coulton - an American, by the way - has four times embarked on Thing-A-Week projects, where he writes and records a different song every week.  You probably know his song "Code Monkey", which has been a viral hit and was part of Thing-A-Week Three.

Thing-A-Week Two was released in November 2006.  Track 7 was this gem:

Yes, I know, this is a fan-made video.  It's still pretty fantastic.  Not only do you get the 2nd best song ever written about curling, you get Colbert curling!

And, since I teased you earlier, here is the video for his biggest hit as well.  I am not a code monkey, but this is a pretty fun song for all of us in IT.

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