10 April 2012

The Best Curling Video Game Stars An Italian Plumber And A Blue Hedgehog?

Given the lack of curling ice over the summer in the Northeastern United States (or at least my access to it), I have taken to practice my curling strategy using the great medium that is video gaming.  Here's the problem - no one has figured out how to make a truly great curling video game.

In my experience, the gold standard for video game curling is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games:

It isn't bad, from a whole curling experience standpoint. Thanks to the great Wii Remote, you can put a curl on the stone, and you can use the controller to brush the ice.  However, it's not a very customizable experience - there are limitations placed on the game, because of character programming.  And although an in or out turn can be thrown, it is tricky to get these turns just right.

Plus, there's the fact that the game stars an Italian plumber and a blue hedgehog, and features a large simian named Donkey Kong.

I'm interested in trying more curling video games, so if anyone has any they'd like me to review, I have the easy capability to do so on Android, PC and Wii, with relatively easy access to a PS3 as well.  Please, software publishers - wow me.

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