07 February 2014

"Why Aren't You Rooting for the United States, You Socialist?"

It's the most common question I've heard over the last two weeks.

"Why aren't you rooting for the United States?  You should be rooting for your home country!"

Even before I get to answer.  They don't have to ask who I am rooting for, after all - I think I've made that pretty clear, or so it seems.  My page does give me a really good, strong reason to root for Team Ulsrud of Norway.  And, really, who wouldn't root for these pants?

Even Ellen called them "pimps"

In all seriousness, these are guys who I have gotten to know a little bit.  I've sat and talked with them.  I stay in touch with them.  They are great guys - that's not just me saying that - and yes, I am going to root for my friends.

To say it like that, though, is really an incomplete answer.  The US curling team is also a bunch of great guys.  So are the Canadians.  So are the Swedes.  Curling is a sport full of great, friendly people who truly appreciate their fans.  It's a sport where we might have favorites, but we don't root against people. Its not how curlers are.  Even in a hard-fought match, we shake hands at the end and sit down for a drink. 

So, even though I am rooting FOR Team Ulsrud and the Norwegians, that doesn't mean I'm rooting AGAINST anyone.  So stop questioning my patriotism!

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