23 February 2011

A +1 Is Awarded to TSN.... But We Still Need A Little Help!

Yesterday, 22 February 2011, I wrote a post, a bit miffed with TSN, because they took their video on demand away from those of us outside of Canada.  They took it away from those inside Canada, too, but they at least could get TSN on their TVs.  Not only did I write my post, I started a bit of a poke-at-TSN campaign on Twitter.  And I had fun doing it; thanks to everyone who took part!

Today, the CCA announced that TSN would, indeed, be bringing back the curling VOD, starting with draw 13, which is the afternoon draw of 23 February 2011, of the Scotties.  Which is today.  I'd like to think I had something to do with this. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, but I'm going to keep thinking I did until someone tells me otherwise.

TSN, however, went one better:

That's right.  The Scotties Tournament of Hearts is now available, LIVE on the web.  Wow! That is beyond what I expected, and so I have to give TSN props.  

Thank you, TSN, for listening to your fans and making this available.  You've delighted people across Canada.  However, there is one small issue.  From around the world, and even from some in Canada, the stream isn't working.  An advertisement plays - for me it was for Tradecentre - and then there is a black screen.  

I don't know if the stream is available outside of Canada - I hope to get an answer from TSN soon.  But, for now, this is a fantastic start.  On behalf of all curling fans in Canada, I would like to thank TSN.

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  1. Thanks for the update, this is fantastic news! I'm in the US and I get the same thing you get - an ad plays then nothing. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.