17 February 2011

Props Need To Be Given To The Buffalo News!

As you might recall, a couple of days ago, I posted this little entry, lamenting the lack of media coverage of Team Lank, making a run at the US Curling National Championship.  Was it heavy handed?  Yes. Did it help?


I sent a link to this post to almost every news outlet I called out in this story.  One of them wrote back.  The Buffalo News was completely unaware of these happenings, but they are certainly interested now!  They were looking for ways to get in contact with Patti Lank - not being personally acquainted with her, but knowing people who are, I was able to get the reporter who contacted me the necessary information.

So, my thanks and compliments to Tyler Dunne of the Buffalo News!  Here's hoping you get a great story here! (I smell Pulitzer!) To the other news organizations that didn't contact me - I know you haven't posted anything on your websites yet.  I've checked.

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